The Pepper Jacques woman is a trendsetter perpetually teetering on the edge of haute couture while remaining loyal to classic lines and lush fabrics.  She can be seen strutting down the streets of Tokyo, Kingston, Paris, and New York in various designers, daring vintage pieces, and accessible comfort garments and certainly outfitted in PJ freshness, just to elevate her style.  She is determined to make her apparel choices more poignant by defining her look with personality, culture, and sass.


 noun \ˈpe-pər\

1 : Pepper is a fashion risk taker who does not try to stand out - just does. Pepper’s share the same love of fashion from small towns to big cities throughout the world. Their attire is an unspoken sentence that represents who they are at the core.

:  piquant product from the fruit of the plant Piper nigrum that are used chiefly as condiments and seasoning


 noun \ˈjak'/ʒɑk/

1 : Jacques’ sense of fashion is influenced by her opulent lifestyle, exclusivity, travel, education, and life experiences. While Jacques is covered in runway couture and holds an Oxford Degree, her inner kid still listens to the Notorious BIG and Green Day while smoking cigars on vacation in Nice. 


 transitive verb \ˈstənt-ing\

:  well dressed

2 : To look really good, and know that you look good, that when you walk by, people's head's turn.

3 : an unusual or difficult feat requiring great skill or daring; especially :  one performed or undertaken chiefly to gain attention or publicity

The Brand:

Pepper Jacques is a "Made in NY" Women's Wear brand that is suitable for the risk takers of the world.

PJ Motto:

Pepper Jacques is a lifestyle choice and so is stunting.